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Product Code: 25613
OstroVit Cinnamon Natural Essential Oil 30 mlOstroVit cinnamon natural essential oil is a food product famous for its beneficial properties and used in traditional medicine for ages. Its active ingredients support proper operation of the organism in many dimensions.What makes OstroVi..
15.65 €
Product Code: 25615
OstroVit Citronella Natural Essential Oil 30 mlOstroVit citronella oil has a pleasant citrusy aroma, while its active ingredients help you soothe pain and fight gastric problems. See its properties!What makes OstroVit citronella oil stand out?OstroVit Citronella Oil is obtained f..
15.65 €
Product Code: 25616
OstroVit Lavender Natural Essential Oil 30 mlOstroVit lavender oil is made from carefully selected species of lavender. It is known not only for its very pleasant aroma but primarily for active ingredients which support relaxation, limit internal anxiety and sleeping disorders.What..
15.65 €
Product Code: 25614
OstroVit Oregano Natural Essential Oil 30 mlOstroVit oregano natural essential oil is a product whose ingredients support operation of your organism comprehensively. If you wish to lead a health lifestyle and protect yourself against viruses and other harmful microorganisms, it is a must-have! ..
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Product Code: 25617
OstroVit Peppermint Natural Essential Oil 30 mlOstroVit peppermint oil is a natural product made from leaves, sprouts and flowers of this plant. Active ingredients included in the product improve mood and support good health.What makes OstroVit mint oil stand out?OstroVit pepperm..
15.65 €
Product Code: 25618
OstroVit TeaTree Natural Essential Oil 30 mlTea tree oil is widely used in natural medicine because its active ingredients foster fight against harmful bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms.What makes OstroVit tea tree oil stand out?OstroVit tea tree oil is a natural product with ..
15.65 €
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