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OstroVit Oatlicious 800 g

OstroVit Oatlicious 800 g
OstroVit Oatlicious 800 g
OstroVit Oatlicious 800 g
OstroVit Oatlicious 800 g
OstroVit Oatlicious 800 g
OstroVit Oatlicious 800 g
Tags: OATlicious
OstroVit Oatlicious 800 g
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Flavorkiwi banana
Product formpowder
Servings per container16
Dominant ingredientoatmeal
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  • Product Code: 25731
  • Weight: 800 g
  • EAN: 5903933900841
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OstroVit OATlicious 800 g

OstroVit OATlicious is a nutritious porridge, available in many flavors, which you can make in just five minutes. The product is rich in oat fiber, beta-glucans and vitamin B1, thanks to which it will make your meal tasty and healthy. Do you want to know how to find an idea for easy-to-prepare breakfast which can make you feel full and provide your organism with energy for the entire day? Choose OstroVit OATlicious oatmeal!

Who is OstroVit OATlicious intended for?

OstroVit OATlicious is easy-to-prepare sugar-free porridge. The product has been created for all those who prioritize healthy eating habits and want to eat something tasty. Porridge is available in several variants so that you can easily choose the flavor that suits you the most.

OATicious oatmeal has medium glygemic index and high nutritional value, so it performs well as a nutritional meal. It is also a great solution for people who do sports. By having porridge before your workout, you can improve your metabolism and increase organism resistance. Choose OstroVit OATlicious if you:

  • want to find an idea for nutritional breakfast
  • wish to provide your organism with required nutrients
  • work hard to slim down
  • do not like to spend much time in the kitchen
  • do some sport
  • aim to reduce toxins in your organism
  • need to lower your cholesterol level

Properties of OstroVit OATlicious oatmeal

OstroVit OATlicious is a valuable source of indispensable nutrients. One package of the product is as many as 16 nutritional meals which you can prepare exactly as you like.

Major features of the product:

  • HEALTH-PROMOTING PROPERTIES - oatmeal is a natural source of fiber responsible for a feeling of satiety. It regulates operation of bowels and frequency of defecation, as well as reduces cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Thanks to presence of B-group vitamins, magnesium and selenium, the porridge supports nervous system and weakens fatigue.
  • IRREPLACEABLE SUPPORT DURING DIET - oatmeal absorbs liquid, increasing its volume, and in effect satiates your organism. It helps you feel full longer and reduces your appetite for snacks. It is a sugar-free product which prevents you from consuming redundant calories.
  • QUICK AND EASY PREPARATION - you only need five minutes to make porridge. All you need to do is measure out four doses of the product and mix it with hot water or milk. If you like, you can also prepare it with vegetable milk or coconut milk.
  • VEGAN FORMULA - OstroVit OATlicious contains no animal-origin substances. Thanks to this, you can enjoy delicious and nutritional oatmeal, even if you are on vegan or vegetarian diet.

Mix a portion of the product 50 g (4 scoops) with 200 ml of hot water or milk. Leave for 5 minutes and then eat it.

Do not eat if you are allergic to any of the ingredients of the product.


Oat flakes (contain gluten) 93.66%, freeze-dried kiwi 3%, freeze-dried banana 2%, aromas, salt, sweetener: sucralose.

Contains a sweetener. High fiber. Contains naturally occurring sugars.

Product may contain milk (including lactose), soy, peanuts, other nuts, sesame seeds, eggs, crustaceans, fish.

Nutrition Facts

Nutritional values1 portion (50 g)% RI*Per 100 g
Energy784 kJ / 186 kcal91567 kJ / 372 kcal
Fat3.4 g56.8 g
- of which saturated fatty acids0.6 g31.1 g
Carbohydrates31 g1262 g
- of which sugars1.7 g23.3 g
Fiber3.6 g-7.2 g
Protein6.0 g1212 g
Salt0.06 g10.11 g


*RI- Reference intake

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