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Product Code: 18756
OstroVit Magnesia in liquid 250 mlOstroVit Premium Liquid Chalk is nothing more than liquid magnesia. A product that will improve your grip. One or two drops are enough to significantly improve your grip during tough training sessions on bars, bars or gym.Magnesia in liquid:provides bett..
19.90 €
Product Code: 25785
OstroVit Chalk Powder 57 gOstroVit Chalk Block it is nothing but magnesia in a cube. A product that will improve your grip. It is enough to break the necessary amount into smaller portions and rub it on your hands to significantly improve the grip during heavy training sessions on bars, bars or ..
5.35 €
Product Code: 18073
OstroVit Body Fat Meter is a folding device used for manual, independent and precise measurement of body fat. The device helps to precisely and conveniently control the current progress in reducing body fat. Size 16.5 x 10 x 0.5 cm Weight 22 g The device is durable and very easy to use. The f..
9.14 €
Product Code: 20139
OstroVit Fitness BagProfessional and stylish OstroVit Sports Bag is an essential accessory for every athlete. Durable and resistant material for overloading and abrasion. Robust zipper, two compartments, one main and one lateral. Shaker net and a pocket for personal items.Small but spacious..
35.76 €
Product Code: 25763
Grip padWith regard to some workouts, particularly the ones which involve considerable loads, you need to take care of security and comfort of your exercises. Handling weights, dumb-bells and barbell raises chafe, callus and wrist injury risk. You not only need a suitable sportwear but also gym ..
14.90 €
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