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Product Code: 25738
OstroVit Apple Fiber VEGE 200 gOstroVit Apple Fiber VEGE is a plant-based dietary supplement in the form of pure apple fiber from natural and carefully selected apple fibers. The product has a pleasant apple aroma, and thanks to its powder form, supplying diet with fiber has never been so simple..
16.90 €
Product Code: 18132
OstroVit Berberine 90 tabsOstroVit Berberine is a dietary supplement in tablets containing extract of berberine. It is a substance that comes from plants from the Berberis family. It belongs to the group of alkaloids. It has a positive effect on the intestinal function and the regulation of the ..
28.90 €
Product Code: 25737
OstroVit Black Currant Fiber VEGE 150 gOstroVit Black Currant Fiber VEGE is a natural source of highly assimilable plant-based fiber. The supplement is obtained from dry black currant pomace and then undergoes micronization during which it gets ground down. Thanks to this, the active surface of ..
16.90 €
Product Code: 25736
OstroVit Chokeberry Fiber VEGE 200 gOstroVit Chokeberry Fiber VEGE is a product of modern line of plant supplements. Its composition includes a natural chokeberry fiber obtained from dry chokeberry pomace. The fiber is obtained in micronization during which carefully selected parts of the plant ..
16.90 €
Product Code: 25735
OstroVit Cocoa Fiber VEGE 150 gOstroVit Cocoa Fiber VEGE is a cocoa fiber dietary supplement received from natural cocoa fibers. The product is intended for all cocoa enthusiasts who wish to take care of their health. The fiber has a pleasant aroma and flavor, and its convenient powdered form se..
16.90 €
Product Code: 24454
OstroVit Fat Burner eXtreme 90 capsOstroVit Fat Burner eXtreme is a preparation with an unusual combination of natural substances that support and accelerate the lipolysis process, i.e. the breakdown and burning of adipose tissue, and help maintain a healthy body weight. OstroVit Fat Burner is a..
32.75 €
Product Code: 25861
OstroVit Green Tea Extract 100 gOstroVit Green Tea Extract is a natural dietary supplement in the form of green tea leaves powder. The product contains much polyphenols which play a very important role in the organism. Green tea gently stimulates the organism to work, helps you burn fatt..
26.51 €
Product Code: 24832
OstroVit Green Tea VEGE 90 vcapsOstroVit Green Tea VEGE is a dietary supplement placed in vegan capsules friendly to people who pay attention to the origin of the ingredient. Intended not only for vegetarians and vegans, but especially for people who want to supplement their diet with valuable p..
22.32 €
Product Code: 25292
OstroVit Hydro Out Diuretic 90 capsOstroVit Hydro Out Diuretic is the highest quality comprehensive dietary supplement in capsules, which contains standardized ingredients that support your "reduction" diet and help you get rid of excess water in your body. OstroVit Hydro Out Diuretic consisting..
26.80 €
Product Code: 23991
OstroVit Krill Oil 60 capsOstroVit Krill Oil is a dietary supplement in softgel capsules containing Antarctic Krill oil. It is a mix of unsaturated fatty acids EPA and DHA from the group of Omega-3, phospholipids and astaxanthin - a carotenoid considered one of the best antioxidants. Its..
28.90 €
Product Code: 25734
OstroVit Oat Fiber VEGE 200 gOstroVit Oat Fiber VEGE is a vegan oat fiber dietary supplement received from natural oat fibers. The product is known for its natural grainy flavor, and therefore can be a perfect match for yogurts, porridge and home-made baking. Are you looking for a natural produc..
16.90 €
Product Code: 25832
OstroVit Omega 3 + ADEK 120 capsulesOstroVit Omega 3 + ADEK is a dietary supplement intended for all those who wish to take care of their health on a daily basis. A set of vitamins which dissolve in fats A, D, E and K and are enriched in omega-3 fatty acids guarantees a perfect combinati..
28.57 €
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