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Night Protein

The night time protein will be great when we significantly reduce the time of sleep, or night regeneration. Very important regenerative processes take place during sleep. With an inadequate sleep, the body produces insufficient amounts of testosterone and somatotropin, while increasing the secretion of cortisol. Cortisol has highly catabolic properties, thanks to which the body can start to draw energy from muscle tissue instead of muscle tissue. Insufficient sleep can also contribute to the accumulation of adipose tissue, because in this situation the expansion of muscle tissue is inhibited. Of course, if we sleep long enough, we don't have to worry about night catabolism. Unfortunately, people who don't sleep long enough and care about their figure, should consider nutritional supplements which can be used at night.

According to the studies, people who were consuming protein supplements before bedtime were able to increase mass and strength to a much greater extent than people who didn’t. This shows that consuming protein before sleep is an effective strategy.  It allows the body to provide essential amino acids up to 7 hours from the time of consumption. This will result in a faster increase in muscle mass. Protein nutrients for the night have in their composition casein, which thanks to its properties is longer absorbed. Our food is not always rich in protein, which is why supplements come to your aid. Thanks to protein supplements, you can enrich the diet with adequate amounts of protein.

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