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A strong antioxidant of natural origin. The main polyphenolic compound present among others in red wine, grapes and peanuts. Many scientists argue that the tradition of drinking red wine is the answer to the long-life expectancy of the French people, despite their unhealthy diet, smoking, and polluted air.

Resveratrol extends life. It occurs in two forms: cis-resveratrol and trans-resveratrol (more beneficial to the human body). It supports the functioning of the endocrine, circulatory and immune systems. In addition, it reduces the risk of osteoporosis and supports the treatment of adolescent acne. It has antineoplastic action (inhibits the growth of cancer cells). And cleanses the body of toxins. The equivalent of resveratrol is Aronia melanocarpa. It contains a large amount of anthocyanins. Recommended for people struggling with diabetes and low blood pressure.

People who care of their figure should take resveratrol because of the properties that help to reduce body fat. It lowers the level of estrogen (it is responsible for, among others, androgenic alopecia, excessive body hair or prostatic hypertrophy), for the increase of testosterone level.

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OstroVit Resveratrol VEGE 60 vcapsOstroVit Resveratrol VEGE is a dietary supplement in capsules containing Japanese knotweed root extract standardized to 50% trans-resveratrol. The capsule (HPMC - hydroxypropyl methylcellulose) and the extract do not contain any substance of animal origin, so th..
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