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Ginseng is one of the most popular and oldest herbs in the world. For centuries it has been considered a remedy for almost every disease. Its shape resembles a human figure, hence its name translates as "root of life", which perfectly reflects the power of this herb, which contains more than two hundred known to us active substances.

Scientifically proven, a number of activities having a positive impact on the human body. Ginseng, among other things, improves memory, and relieves stress. The root of this plant also supports the human immune system and even protects against cancer. The rejuvenating effect and positive influence on the skin and hair have also been confirmed. The use of ginseng in the form of supplements helps to stop hair loss in men or even the balding process. Also, sports medicine has noticed and examined the numerous benefits of appropriate dosage of ginseng root, which is now a very popular supplement. The stimulating effect of the body and the support of energy release is well-known, which is especially important for athletes who are forced to stimulate their body to extreme physical exertion.

Ginseng quite quickly gained popularity in the sports environment and supplements based on this herb are one of the most effective methods to improve the body's efficiency in a natural way. Ginseng is perfect for professional athletes, but also for people practicing amateur sports.

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OstroVit Siberian Ginseng 120 tabsOstroVit Siberian Ginseng is a tablet formulation containing Siberian ginseng extract (Eleutherococcus senticosus). It increases physical and mental efficiency. In addition, it supports learning and memorizing processes, and protects our body from stress..
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