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Today's men more often reach for their care products more carefully, which deviate from the prevailing conviction that universality is the key when it comes to the selection of cosmetics used every day by men. Today's men are happy to refute the myth that only one universal type of shampoo or cream is present in their lives. They are increasingly aware that specialized products are not only reserved for women, but they can also use them to satisfy their needs and see visible effects. Men's skin has a specific need for nutrients, depending on its type and conditions. Specialized cosmetics selected in this area help to get rid of some troubles, but they are not always the optimal solution.

Gentlemen should take the example of women more often and start using appropriate supplements that help the body regenerate. The main components of such supplements, which are worth paying attention when selecting them at the pharmacy or drugstore shelf are the appropriate vitamins and microelements available in a convenient form, for example, tablets. Their regular use can be a problem for men of this type, a daily commitment may sometimes be more than their strength, but the big role of women here is to effectively motivate men in this matter. Especially when after some time gentlemen will be able to see tangible results in the form of less hair loss, less breaking nails (especially important in physical work), and improvement of color and general appearance of the skin, which until now sometimes even frightened from the mirror.

Supplements that also help men in their daily care are mainly collagen or biotin, as well as vitamins from group A, or B. Collagen, in addition to improving skin elasticity and making it easier for gentlemen to remain younger for longer, without wrinkles, also helps in the proper functioning of the tendons, muscles, joints, that is strengthens many parts of the body, on which every man depends on them to work without problems during everyday challenges. Biotin, which until now was only reserved as a beauty supplement for ladies, is also perfect for men as a beauty item. Biotin, which is a component of many edible products, like nuts, spinach or liver, can be absorbed when consuming these foods in increased amounts during its absence in the body. However, the type of meat-eaters is often found among men, so this solution may cause some problems. There is also the possibility of supplementation in the form of tablets, powder or other, simple in the application and swallowing. As you can see, men no longer have excuses to defend themselves against improving their beauty not only with shampoos or creams, but also can successfully deliver the necessary ingredients with supplements.

Product Code: 20071
OstroVit 100% Vit & Min 30 tabsOstroVit 100% Vit & Min is a composition of highly digestible vitamins and minerals. The formula of the preparation contains a complex that meets the needs of an adult. The product is especially recommended for people who live actively, especially those who..
22.86 €
OstroVit ADEK 200 tabs OstroVit ADEK 200 tabs
Product Code: 25037
OstroVit ADEK 200 tabsOstroVit ADEK is a dietary supplement in tablets containing fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. Vitamin A helps maintain healthy skin and also helps maintain normal vision. Vitamin D helps to maintain healthy bones and teeth. Vitamin E helps to protect cells against oxidati..
28.70 €
Product Code: 25837
OstroVit Appetite control 60 capsulesOstroVit Appetite control is a set of easy-to-swallow capsules which can quickly and effectively reduce your appetite. Thanks to combination of Malabar tamarind fruit and bean proteins extracts with apple cider vinegar, chromium and vitamin B12, you c..
26.97 €
Product Code: 25075
OstroVit Biotin VEGE 90 vcapsOstroVit Biotin VEGE is a diet vegan capsule implementation containing biotin. Biotin helps maintain healthy hair and skin. It contributes to maintaining normal metabolism of macronutrients and helps in the proper functioning of our nervous system. OstroVit Biotin VE..
26.26 €
Product Code: 25728
OstroVit Brewer’s Yeast 200 tabsOstroVit Brewer’s Yeast is a modern dietary supplement which contains B-group vitamins, iron, phosphorus and other minerals. Brewer’s yeast tabs are safe to the organism and easy to consume. Contrary to baker’s yeast, they do not cause any unpleasant digestive iss..
17.90 €
Product Code: 25222
OstroVit Chlorella 1000 tabsOstroVit Chlorella is a dietary supplement that has been developed on the basis of algae belonging to unicellular microalgae from the green cluster. The product has recently been classified as superfoods due to its pleiotropic effect on the human body. Chlorella is a ..
30.61 €
Product Code: 25221
OstroVit Chlorella 90 tabsOstroVit Chlorella is a dietary supplement that has been developed on the basis of algae belonging to unicellular microalgae from the green cluster. The product has recently been classified as superfoods due to its pleiotropic effect on the human body. Chlorella is a we..
9.96 €
Product Code: 25856
OstroVit Fenugreek Extract 100 gOstroVit Fenugreek Extract is a universal dietary supplement which can perform well in persons dealing with digestive issues and higher cholesterol or sugar in blood. Thanks to high content of vitamins, minerals, saponins, flavonoids and other important co..
26.51 €
Product Code: 24302
OstroVit Fenugreek VEGE 90 vcapsOstroVit Fenugreek VEGE is a dietary supplement in vegan capsules containing fenugreek seed extract. The product was created with the thought and intended for vegetarians and vegans because the product does not contain substances of animal origin and the main comp..
23.31 €
Product Code: 25327
OstroVit Glutathione VEGE 90 vcapsOstroVit Glutathione VEGE is the highest quality dietary supplement in HPMC cellulose capsules (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose) containing reduced L-glutathione. Each capsule contains 200 mg of reduced glutathione, showing antioxidant (antioxidant) activity again..
29.35 €
Product Code: 25038
OstroVit Kelp 250 tabsOstroVit Kelp is a dietary supplement in tablets containing kelp standardized for the mineral necessary in our diet which is iodine. Iodine helps in the proper production of thyroid hormones and in its proper functioning. Iodine contributes to the maintenance of normal ener..
24.90 €
Product Code: 25826
OstroVit Lion’s Mane 60 capsulesOstroVit Lion’s Mane is a unique vegan dietary supplement. The capsules contain the extract of mushroom which resembles seafood and is popular in the Far East, e.g. in China and Japan. The name - lion’s mane - comes from its original looks - a ball-shaped ..
24.39 €
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