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Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a very important antioxidant for the body, which delays the aging process and improves the condition of the hair. It also improves skin condition, nourishes and moisturizes it, making it look young. Therefore, it is used in various cosmetics.

Its main action is the fight against free radicals and a positive effect on the proper blood clotting. In addition, it reduces the level of bad cholesterol. Vitamin E is also called the "fertility vitamin". Its appropriate dose ensures proper fetal development and trouble-free pregnancy. In men, however, it is needed for sperm production. According to the studies, it appears that adequate vitamin supplementation provides anticancer prophylaxis effect, especially among women at risk of developing breast cancer. Vitamin E is also an ally of every bodybuilder because it protects his body from damages and provides the proper work of the muscles. It happens that it is difficult to deliver it to the body only with food, which is why supplementation is important. The deficiency of vitamin E can cause malaise, problems with concentration and weak immunity. It also happens that its deficiency causes muscle pain and anemia. The excess of vitamin E is not dangerous for humans. It can cause headaches and fatigue.

OstroVit ADEK 200 tabs OstroVit ADEK 200 tabs
Product Code: 25037
OstroVit ADEK 200 tabsOstroVit ADEK is a dietary supplement in tablets containing fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. Vitamin A helps maintain healthy skin and also helps maintain normal vision. Vitamin D helps to maintain healthy bones and teeth. Vitamin E helps to protect cells against oxidati..
28.70 €
Product Code: 25832
OstroVit Omega 3 + ADEK 120 capsulesOstroVit Omega 3 + ADEK is a dietary supplement intended for all those who wish to take care of their health on a daily basis. A set of vitamins which dissolve in fats A, D, E and K and are enriched in omega-3 fatty acids guarantees a perfect combinati..
28.57 €
Product Code: 25286
OstroVit Pharma Elite Omega 3 D3 + K2 30 capsOstroVit Pharma Elite Omega 3 D3 + K2 is the highest quality dietary supplement in softgel capsules developed on the basis of fish oil which is an excellent source of polyunsaturated omega 3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) and a wealth of vitamins: D3..
28.97 €
Product Code: 25835
OstroVit Vitamin E Natural tocopherols complex 90 capsulesOstroVit Vitamin E Natural Tocopherols Complex is a universal dietary supplement which protects your organism against harmful impact of free radicals from food and environment. Vitamin E and four natural tocopherols have anti-oxidan..
29.46 €
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